Sleep Eazy at The Iris Motel

There's an episode of The Simpsons where Marge brings the kids to stay at a motel called Sleep Eazy. She looks up, the neon sign flickers, and now it just says “Sl-e-azy.” It's an old joke, but it gets at the dichotomy between expectation and reality that seem tailor-made for a motel— you might think you're in for a night of staid convenience, but turn out a few of the lights and it's party city. 

That easy disruption is the focus of Sleep Eazy, a one-night exhibit inside a Nashville motel. In whatever medium they choose — whether painting, sculpture, photography, or video — each of these 10 artists make work that pushes boundaries without making a big fuss about it.

Artists included Noah Jashinsky, Jodi Hays, Stacy Kranitz, Elise Drake, Amelia Briggs, Karen Seapker, Benjy Russell, Josh Elrod, Rocky Horton and Alex Lockwood.

Exhibition photos courtesy of Patrick Sheehan. Work from Sleep Eazy is available through Wilder.


Triple Fantasy at Third Man Records

I curated an exhibit of three artists whose work deals with some facet of sex magick. My thesis was that if, as Freud thought, sex and magical thinking are the twin pillars of the subconscious, sex magick is its logical manifestation into consciousness. Sex and the occult have always been entwined — both are intimate, often forbidden acts that are kept secret and mysterious.

Triple Fantasy featured drawings and prints by Elijah Burgher, photographs by Benjy Russell and a painting made exclusively for the exhibit by Tracy Nakayama

Opening reception photos courtesy of Heather LeRoy.


Selvage at Tennessee State University

I co-curated this exhibit of 11 artists with my friend Jodi Hays at Tennessee State University.  We found inspiration in textiles — mainly quilts and quilt patterns — and the work spanned a variety of disciplines from drawing to sculpture. Artists included Gabriel Pionkowski, Shannon Lucy, Jovencio de la Paz, Brandon Donahue, Alex Blau, Jodi Hays, Courtney Adair Johnson, Maggie Haas, Aimee Miller and Louis Schmidt.

Opening reception photos courtesy of Courtney Adair Johnson.